The 3 elements of branding and how to use them in your business

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Miles Lee
May 6, 2020

hen it comes to branding a business it’s the same basic principles throughout every industry. How you approach your market determines the outcome of
your business more than the product or service you are offering itself.

Let’s get this straight, it’s 2020, so the way businesses are being branded now aren’t the same as the 1950s, or even the early 2000’s. These days a
business needs to introduce something new online frequently to keep engagement high. When you are branding your business I want you to keep these key elements in mind. Providing the best branding image quality all around will not only increase your sales, but change the overall perception of your  brand and help you compete with the big boys.

Where does branding matter?

Brand Logo

Customer Facing Website

Brand Material

Client Outreach (bonus)

Logo Design

Brand, brand brand! Did I mention BRAND? Oh, Okay!

A logo is a combination of a wordmark and/or as symbol as a unique graphical signature that is used by a brand for identification, and public recognition.
The logo itself embodies the values of the brand and builds equity through recognition. Esthetically, a logo may contain features that are apparent in the rest of the brand identity such as shapes, colors and typography.

Colors for your brand? Make sure you grab a color palette from your designer!

A color palette is a system that is consistent across all mediums – web, print, video. Color can make or break a brand because of its strong ability to evoke emotion. Combinations are created as color schemes for specific messaging.

What is a brand guide and why do I need it?

I'm glad you asked! I feel like I'm reading some minds today!

A brand guide is a guide or.... more like a rulebook that explains how a brand presents itself through its logo, font, colors, photography and rules of use! A brand guide should be developed for every brand which is designed by the developer behind the company. This guide will tell you how to keep the integrity of your brand image at 100% at all times because let's face it, when working with different designers with different design processes and directions, you'll want to make sure you keep your brand persona the same!

Web Design

Clean layout, easy to navigate, and CTAs (Call to Action)

It’s a new age where online businesses can be successful while solely being online businesses. How much really goes into building a successful website?
A cleanly constructed website delivers value in the consumers mind. Colors, images and the overall design of the website should reflect the meaning of the company.

Your website should be easy to navigate and should promote user activity on each page. Increasing user activity could be having a newsletter pop up, sign up
forms, informational forms, deals, free incentives, really anything to get MORE from that browser, so you can turn browsers into customers!

53.3% of people actually surf the web on their mobile device, which is slightly more than desktop so you’ll want to go with a mobile first approach. You’ll need
a mobile optimized version of your website for tablet, and phone. Page speeds, titles and meta descriptions, responsive design, design for fat fingers and local search optimization are the keys to a great mobile site.

Graphic Design

Engagement Wins No Matter The End Goal

Identity design, style and branding should all be in sync when it comes to graphic design within your brand. Ads, flyers, images, typography, typefaces, colors, and sub marks are all critical to the growth of your brand which all syncs down into graphic design.

You don’t need to use the same photos over and over again, but all imagery should have a consistent look and feel. Having a full library of graphic elements are all the small details that really build a branding system. It could be a background texture, a line style treatment, a use of white space or color blocks. These are the areas where do-it-yourself-ers start to suffer, and where a professional graphic designer can pull together a cohesive look for you.

You’ll want clean crisp graphic design in all areas of your brand. View my design services When promoting on social media, presenting events, make sure all your materials match.
Invest in a quality company that can make your business cards, flyers, ad material, website, and logo all sync.

I told you I would give you a bonus!

Client Outreach

Engagement Wins No Matter The End Goal

When reaching out to clients there are several ways that can take your business from 0 to 100 really quick.

Social Media

Can be a very lucrative solution. With the different platforms you can share materials across each and reach different audiences. It is important to know what to share and when to share it.

Video Blog

Most people would rather watch a video than read a story. Same thing works here in client outreach. Make video campaigns to deliver messages that will attract consumers and draw attention from a wide audience.

E Book

When you showcase your expertise you gradually become a leader in the industry. People will follow your expert advice and then come for the product or service you provide.


Podcast are at an all time high with smart phones being easily accessible. Most people prefer to listen to podcast rather than music while driving.

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